Ambiguos Nature of Life

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Interpretation Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: November 19, 2013
The Ambiguous Nature of Life
Life is complex and has many meanings behind it. Life offers a lot but it is not very easy. How we perceive life to be and what we make of it is our choice. Things happen in life that are inevitable. The way we interpret certain things can have an effect on other people’s lives. The ambiguous nature of life is an evident cause in the movie Atonement. The movie plays with the ambiguous nature of life through the characters and their different out looks on life. Briony had a specific outlook on life when she was young. Cecelia and Robbie had another outlook on life. Cecelia and Robbie wanted nothing more than to just live happily together while Briony wanted more in life and she’d do anything to get what she wanted. Briony’s foolish actions that she made of anger and jealousy caused a division between Robbie and Cecelia. Robbie and Cecelia loved each other and Briony sees Robbie as only wanting sexual pleasures from Cecelia because of what saw at the fountain and what she read in the letter. The interpretation of Briony is completely different from Cecelia who knows exactly what Robbie wants and what the letter was all about. At the time Briony did not understand the severity of what she had done. As she got older she realized what she had done and the effect it had on the life of Robbie and Cecelia. As Briony grew older and older the ambiguous nature of life grew with her as well. She finally realized that her naïve mind got to her and what she saw that night was an assumption based off her jealousy and anger towards Robbie. This clearly shows the ambiguous nature of life and how there can be several possible meanings to an event that took place in ones life. Briony’s actions prevented Cecelia and Robbie from the happiness they deserved together. What happened could not be undone.  Now that Briony understands the severity of her actions she believes that she should give Robbie and Cecelia the happiness they deserve by writing an...
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