Lab: Isolation of Sucrose/Aspirin/Unknown

Topics: Sodium bicarbonate, Hydrochloric acid, PH Pages: 1 (291 words) Published: September 25, 2012
Jolyne Piet
Lab #2: Experimental Design

Isolation of Sucrose: 3.01 g Panacetin were weighed in a 125-mL Erlenmeyer flask, and 51mL dichloromethane were added to partially dissolve the Panacetin. The insoluble portion was gravity filtered and air dried to yield 0.45 g of sucrose (15.0 % of original Panacetin).

Isolation of Aspirin: The organic filtrate was extracted through a separatory funnel with 32 mL 5% sodium bicarbonate to produce an aqueous layer and a dichloromethane layer. 7.2 mL 6 M hydrochloric acid were added to the aqueous layer until the pH was 2. The mixture was then cooled in an ice/water bath for 10 minutes. The aspirin was collected by vacuum filtration. After it dried, it yielded 0.93 g (30.9 % of original Panacetin).

Isolation of Unknown: 71 mL of boiling H2O were poured int an Erlenmeyer flask with 0.93 g of unknown to dissolve it. After reaching room temperature, the flask was placed into a bucket with ice and DI H2O. The unknown was collected by vacuum filtration, rinsed with ice water, and dried to constant mass at 0.72 g.

13C NMR (100.13 MHz, acetone-D6): σ 15.5 (s, Me), 24.3 (s, Me), 29.9 (s, Me), 30.1 (s, Me), 30.3 (s, Me), 30.5 (s, Me), 30.7 (s, Me), 30.9 (s, Me), 31.1 (s, Me), 64.7 (s, Me), 115.7 (s, C=C), 122.5 (s, C=C), 133.5 (s, C=C), 156.4 (s, C=O), 170.8 (s, C=O), 210.5 (s, >C=S).

Melting points: 1) Started at 108 °C, ended at 121 °C. 2) Started at 102 °C, ended at 115 °C.
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