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Reflection paper
Hope for the flowers

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A tale partly about life, partly about revolution and about hope is something kind a general and shallowly standard story to think of it in first. But as the story figuratively moves and builds up, the idea gradually wipe outs. The story that is lovable to children actually grants the older ones the concern to think of the story’s objectives, as well as the perception how well the story can be continued.

As the story fills up more in a caterpillar state, I can say that the cycle purports to be in a cycle of a caterpillar not as usual the cycle of a butterfly. Because as Stripe was born, his aim was only to grow bigger, but as soon as he wonders that there must be more to life, then he seeks for more satisfactions and purpose in life, being in a caterpillar form where he had really no idea of becoming a beautiful butterfly someday. Just like in our childhood, we are very innocent what can life offer to us. What the world had already showered upon us, thinking only about happiness and all the good forms in life we can do.

Days go by and by and time passes, we grow older and older and we have a particular goal in life: to gain success, to reach the top. We dream to be someone someday. Just like Stripe, looking around, getting his curiosity work, he found the pile of caterpillars. Even though nobody knows what exactly is up there, it must be faith that made him join to that challenging and unsure undertaking. Learning to compete with others as Stripe climbs up the top is also truly the nature of humans to satisfy ourselves. We ought to do it and sometimes in bad ways. But consequences are there, we learn from it. And eventually, we could not notice but there was always something on us that has changed.

Along the way up the pile, Stripe meets a caterpillar that has the big doubt of what could possibly be out there. He felt...
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