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M3 – Awareness of how learning style can aid personal development There are a variety of different learning styles, many of which vary between each particular person. There are no two people which are the same but these have been split into categories so that people can understand and learn the best way possible for themselves. There is active and reflective, sensory and intuitive, visual and verbal and also sequential and Global. Active learners to Reflective learners (comparison between each style) Active learners often like working in groups and often problem solvers who try different methods of solving the problem until they find the most effective and best way. These people often like to the physical experiments then the long writing essays for example in a science lesson. Handling different objects can help them gain information. Reflective people often like to think things out on their own and not in a group they are very different learners to Active learners, this way they can evaluate and analysis different options without people helping them with their decisions this could often be seen as bias as it is one person’s own opinion. Sensory learners to Intuitive learners

Intuitive learners often look at the theories instead of the facts, for them it is not about how accurate the actual information is but how much meaning it has whether it being spiritual or cultural sometimes maybe they just understand the theory more than they do the facts. However sensory learners prefer the facts to the theories and are very accurate with their thoughts and factual. This often takes time to understand the information. Visual learners to verbal learners

Visual learners often prefer to look at diagrams and drawings. These diagrams can still represent information but in a more effective way for a visual learner the images of which the information is represented in can often stick in a visual learners mind for a lot longer and so they memorise it. Verbal learners often...
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