Advantages of Computers: E-Mail Is a Method of Communication

Topics: Internet, Personal computer, World Wide Web Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: September 18, 2010
Because of the many advantages of a computer, it has become an important household item. A computer operated by an individual without any specific computer operator is called as a personal computer (PC). A PC can be a desktop or a laptop computer and can be used at home or at office. As per the requirement of the user, soft wares are installed in a PC. Let’s discuss the advantages of computers.

One can write more effectively by means of a computer. There are tools like spelling and grammar checker, thesaurus and dictionary, installed in the computer. Thus, it takes less time to proofread a written document and also, there is no need to open up a dictionary book to look for meanings of words. Typing is much faster than writing on a paper. If there is a need for reorganizing the sentences or paragraphs, one can cut and paste and make the necessary changes. Thus, overall a computer allows the user to create documents, edit, print, and store them so that they can be retrieved later.

Using a computer, one can remain connected to the world through Internet. Internet is a network of computers that communicates via the Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP). The World Wide Web (WWW) or simply web is a huge resource of information that can be accessed via the Internet. To mention a few of the resources, there are electronic mail (e-mail), file transferring and sharing, online chat and gaming. The Internet allows people from around the world to share knowledge, ideas and experiences in any field.

E-mail is a method of communication used globally and is provided with a system of creating, storing and forwarding mails. It may consist of text messages with attachments of audio-visual clips. One can also download or upload files using the Internet. There are also facilities like online chatting available on the Internet. As compared to telephonic conversation, both e-mail and online chat are cost saving. Online gaming is another important resource of the WWW. Many online...
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