Aging Well Across the Lifespan

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Aging Well Across the Lifespan

EF310: Current Trends In Exercise and Fitness:
Aging Well Across the Lifespan
Big Healthy Texans Toolkit
Kenneth P. Fogel
Kaplan University

In the toolkit provided, “Building Healthy Texans”, the packet discusses the ideas of creating and healthy and successful workplace. By doing so- the workplace will become more productive and have higher level of profit. The toolkit provides examples and graphs that explains these benefits in full detail, from young kids in school to the biggest success stories-all of these have derived from one key aspect, their fitness level. The toolkit explains how to get started and why it is so important to incorporate these ideas into your personal staff and projects to increase productivity. The fitness level of one company can make or break the success of not only the business level of a company but the inner personal issues of the individual workers and this can shake the foundation of what the workplace has been set up to achieve.

It is important to address obesity in the workplace and within your community as the people you are addressing will not only increase their productivity in the workplace, but they could possibly extend their lives as well with a more active lifestyle. As the toolkit mentions, “Employers are becoming more aware that overweight and obesity, lack of physical activity, and tobacco are adversely affecting the health and productivity of their employees, and ultimately, the businesses’ bottom line. By changing their lifestyles, employees could improve their personal health status and, ultimately, the corporate landscape.”(Texas SDH, 2003)

Big corporate businesses aren’t the only ones who have taken notice to the effect of having a healthy lifestyle applied to increased productivity, health and wealth. Other places such as schools, medium sized businesses such as banks and more have discovered that in order to have a happier and more successful workplace for future references that require a new way of thinking. Instead of thinking of your employees as an extra cost-thinking of them as an investment-they are the ones that are boosting your company and without them-it really wasn’t possible to get as far as the current company is in the first place. A company/business is as good as its employees and leaders and if the opinions of the workers are low- it effects and spreads to the entire company and could ruin the efforts and reputations of said business and cost many of their jobs.

The toolkit supplied also discusses the options about childhood obesity and the ramifications that come with overcoming the obstacles of obesity at a young age. This affects not only young children who are affected but also the adult/parent and role models of those children. In fact, the toolkit states regarding a particular school, “The first year we had a nurse on every campus, we became a recognized school district, healthier kids and healthier faculty make a difference.” They also state, “ Healthy teachers can be role models as well as more effective teachers with lower absentee rates”.(Midland ISD,1998)

As far as incentives go- the workplace still has to grab people into going along with the wellness program and introducing them into the idea that getting fit will not only change their lifestyle at work-but at home and to increase the positive image of both. There are many ways of successfully introducing these programs to the employees, sometimes you have to hit home. An example of this from the toolkit in explaining the right type of worksite wellness program,” Research shoes that untargeted health -promotion campaigns have little long-term impact, this should address risky behaviors that can help your employees ear healthier, increase their level of physical activity, help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and quit smoking. Wellness programs should focus on assisting employees achieve...

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