An Ideal Life

Topics: Human, Africa, Asia Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: January 16, 2014
An Ideal Life.

The Introduction.
1.Our world is full of trouble.
2.Meaning of  ‘Happy Life’ or ‘Happy World.’
3.We can have a happy or a ideal life.if we have perfect peace in society and in the world. If human beings have enough changes of making  progress;if human beings are prosperous (Successful and Happy) in all parts of society or the world; if there is perfect Justice every where. 4.The people and the government should try to work for real progress and happiness. 5.The Conclusion.It is very difficult ,though not impossible,to have a really happy world. This world of ours is full of troubles.These troubles or evils are of many kinds.Million of human beings,in different parts of the world,are facing poverty,disease,injustice,inequality,war, and so on.

    A happy life or a happy world is one in which a person lives in comfort and in happy and satisfied. This means he has enough income to satisfy his needs and to enjoy the comforts of life.In addition ,he is happy with his condition in life and enjoys satisfaction of the heart.The entire world would be happyif we have good condition of living in every country or society.

          Firstly there should be peace.People should decide to settle all their problems or disputes in peaceful ways.They should try to settle them through discussion or through courts of law,but never by use of force . So also,countries should try to settle their disputes through conferences and meetings between their rulers or goverments.They should approach world organization like the UN for the settlement of their disputes.      

     Secondly Human.
  beings should have enough chances of manking progress in all possible ways.If a person has proper qualifications for a profession ,he should be able to  work and progress in it.He should be able to get a job easily .He should get enough  pay according to the work he does(as he does it).It should be possible for all human beings to get properly educated and to improve their...
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