Analyzing Crispin

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Analyzing of Crispin

Crispin: The Cross of Lead is a book written in 2002 by an author that goes by the name of Avi and published in the United States of America. The story is set in 14th century England. It starts out in the small village of Stromford where Crispin’s mother, Asta, has just died. No one is there to mourn the death of Crispin’s mother except for Crispin and Father Quinel, the village priest. Crispin does not even know his own name. He is only known as Asta’s son, until Father Quinel tells him that his name is Crispin. Crispin overhears something that he is not supposed to hear and is forced to flee Stromford. At thirteen years old Crispin is declared a wolves head by the steward, John Aycliffe and is on the run for his life. While Crispin is on the run, he encounters a man that goes by the name of Bear. Bear takes Crispin in and tries to help him on his journey to freedom. I believe this book has won awards because of its historical content. It helps the reader to see how different things were for people that came before them. Avi did an accurate job of making the reader feel as if they were in the middle ages with Crispin and the many other peasants struggling to survive. It is interesting to see how much has changed over the years, because “the rules of life in the fourteenth centenary are so radically different from today that you have create a context that is understandable”(305). Things are much different for American children reading this book; they will most likely never have to endure the suffering and struggles that Crispin did.

Crispin is the main character and the protagonist in the story. In the beginning of the story Crispin does not expect much out of life. He is passive, unnamed, uneducated and takes what ever comes at him because he expects no different for his life. He is a peasant who even has no name. He is only known as Asta’s son. Crispin believes that there is nothing that he can do to change the course of his life...

Cited: Avi. Crispin: the Cross of Lead. New York: Hyperion For Children, 2002. Print.
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