Apple Competitve Strength Assesment

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Weighted Competitive Strength Assessment ( PC Industry)

Importance / WeightStrengthScoreStrengthScoreStrengthScoreStrengthScore Key Success Factor
Quality/ Product Performance.1591.3581.281.291.35
Reputation/ Image.058.49.4510.510.5
Manufacturing capability .059.4510.510.510.5
Technological Skills.15101.591.3591.35101.5
Distribution Capability.1101101101101
New Product Innovation.210281.681.6102
Financial Resources.057.358.410.59.45
Relative Cost Position.156.9101.591.35101.5
Customer Service capabilities.1101101101101
Weighted Overall Strength798.95829849889.8

5.)What does a competitive strength assessment reveal about Apple, as compared to the leaders in the personal computer industry?

Design and innovation oriented.
Greater horizontal and vertical integration.
R&D oriented.
Everything ready device.

5.)Use the methodology in Table 4.4 to support your answer. Among these competitors, who enjoys the strongest competitive position?

Dell Inc. enjoys the strongest competitive position.
Apple’s operating in a fast-cycle market.
Firm’s capabilities that contribute to competitive advantage arent shielded •from imitation.
Where imitation is very fast and inexpensive.
Apple’s products and services have more restriction than its rivals

5.)Who is in the weakest overall competitive position?

Most of its revenue (63.8%) was rely in the mobile phone industry. •But mobile phone industry that have very intense competitive. •With Apple and Nokia as major players.
5.)Has Apple’s strategy resulted in a substantial competitive advantage over its rivals in the computer industry? What is the basis for whatever competitive advantage it has?
Innovation plays a dominant role in the competitive dynamics in fast cycle •markets.
Stronger brands value.

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