Apple Computer Inc

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Apple Computer Inc

Apple Computer, Inc. is a well-known designer and retailer of computer hardware, software and electronic entertainment devices. Apple began as a small personal computer manufacturing firm in 1976 with a vision to build computers that could be purchased by anyone. The company has now grown into one of the most powerful technology companies in existence. The path that led to the creation of a brand like Apple is a true testament to the level of innovation and the cultivation of customer focused business strategies that have led to devices and software such as the iPhone and iTunes. By analyzing the challenges Apples faces while putting its strategies into action the information that is gathered could be used to facilitate better strategic management planning for other business scenarios in the same or similar industries. Apple is a world-wide competitor in the electronic device and digital content delivery industry. This dual role creates a broad environment involving a multitude of suppliers, millions of potential buyers and intense rivalries among competitors. An important element that Apple capitalizes on is the demographics it serves in the competitive environment. Creative marketing and innovative, straight forward interfaces for its products allows Apple to position its software and hardware as the “everybody” product. Differentiation is a major part of the competitive environment Apple operates in so well-known competitors like Motorola’s Android operating system and compatible device line up, recently acquired by Google, Inc.; also strive to appeal to everyone. Technologically, Apple sets the standards that competitors struggle to match through what it offers consumers in the way of access to equipment of various types, multiple forms of digital media for download and accessories for us with Apple products. The pace of innovation coming from Apple reflects a strategy heavily devoted to the knowledge capital Apple possesses. Starting...

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