Apple Inc. An American based organization

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Apple Inc. is an American based organization founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs which is now a well-known global corporation known for cutting edge designs in electronics, software, and laptops and personal computers including the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Today, with retail stores in multiple countries and an online store, it is one of the largest corporations in the world. It had become the most valuable technology company surpassing Microsoft. Apple’s organizational vision is “To be the most admired company in the world and the most loveable brand people ever use.” Its philosophy is that it exist solely to make great products, really focusing on meaningful projects, aiming for absolute excellence. Apple Inc. had a commitment towards providing the students, educators, and professionals of the world innovative hardware, software and internet offerings. While doing so, Apple Inc. vows to remain respectful of and committed towards protecting the environment and the global communities which it serves (Thompson et al, 2012). In this fast changing world of technology, it is important for the technology force of an organization’s strategy to evolve in order to stay competitive. An organization that doesn’t advance their technology as part of its strategy may hinder its ability for success. In the case of Apple Inc. it is technology. Its strategy must not only incorporate the technology which it create but be a step ahead of the evolutionary process that is such a rapid part of technology development. Apple Inc. cease to evolve its strategy, the competition and consumers will pass them by. Competition in the PC Industry

Among the five forces, the highest threat comes for substitutes in the marker. For instance, despite the iPhone’s popularity, it is not the only option for consumers as a smartphone. Likewise, there are many Mp3 players on the marker that offer an alternative to Apple’s iPod. Furthermore the battle between Apple laptops and Pcs is ongoing. Oftentimes...
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