Application of Logic in Everyday Living

Topics: Logic, Personal life, Human condition Pages: 4 (1233 words) Published: October 10, 2014

Many branches of science can be involved and applied in our daily life, even the broad study of logic also are included to our everyday living, it is a reasoning of life circulation to improve and explore. Basically, human being is the most powerful creature on earth that controls different physical, mental physiological, psychological and intellectual preferences. A proven capability of a person to make his environment change according to what he/she plans, or we can say to innovate and evolve feasible things to make work, to grow, to process and to develop.

Considering that present events, evaluations, and information are connected to which everyday composure or situation to our environment gets affected. Living in a world full of challenges is a broad act of adapting and adjusting to various conditions of how to live, suffer survive and conquer preparation for death, start of a new beginning, hopes of those hopeless, being strong from weak, living and dying in many reasons, sharing life to others, counting blessings you have, and making advantage and achievements, are just examples of how we deal to keep us alive. As individual changes, the world also gone changes from its form, structure and growth. It is just a matter of becoming pessimistic or optimistic. There are different levels of understanding how people change or maybe how the world change. Some answer, that history repeats itself, a part of the new generation, acquisition of powerful mankind, making choices for a better living.

Well... Being able to 'predict' how systems and people (which are much the same really) will act in certain conditions and situations is a very useful skill to have. In ancient times image you are finding your way through a landscape and you come to a void no way round (in sight) well from the logical standpoint you look at it like this 1 how deep is the void 2 how far can I jump 3 will I make the jump based on that measurement/experience? If you...
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