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Computer is used every where in the world in every field of life. There are many applications of computer for example. Computer can perform any kind of calculations in no time; where as a human being would take months and years to do the same calculations. Now a day's computer is used in almost every day application of life E.g. in Banking: - Before when there was no computer, every where manual system was followed which was a very complicated and hard work but now with the coming of computer every thing is in a very systematic way. Every bank is now using a computerized system because it is very fast and user friendly. ATM cards are used every where now which let us bank any time we want. PC banking (Personal Computer banking) let us view our bank balance, request transfers between accounts and pay bills electronically etc… Traffic light control: - In traffic light control the computer is being employed to drive the traffic light. There are some programmed codes like " turn off the red light" or "turn on the red light" to control the traffic light and to carry out the instructions that follows. Another most important application of computer in real life is: Sports: - In sports computers are used wildly in conjunction with video cameras. These are used to record the motion of all the sports men. 3D programs are used later on to help the trainers see there movements and could improve there styles of playing. Schools and Colleges: - There are many uses of computer in schools and collages e.g. Every student details need to be stored so a computer program could help in this way. Multimedia, animations, graphics and charts could be used to teach the students and many boring topics can be made interesting using multimedia. Students could access internet for online help and courses for more information.
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