Are We Dependent on Computer

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Are We too Dependent on Computers?

Our generation is a huge advocate of computers and technology , our lives are really connected to these electronic devices. Normally a common teenager pass at least 4or 5 hours in front their computers and this happens even with adults , we don't have control about this, we believe that’s okay because we think computers perform our daily activities in a fast way , obviously that’s why we would never think that we are too dependent on our computers. However some may view it in that way but we prefer to think of it as computers giving us freedom to get more done. What do you think? Are we too dependent? Clearly and taking us as examples of this We think that’s true we are so addicted too computers and laptops these days that we literally use it everywhere in our lives , nowadays , even cellphones are converting to mini laptops that we can use It wherever we cannot carry our big and heavy laptops ,that’s why rarely do people have a real conversation , the just chat all day long even if we just have to chat with our relative , we use them , nowadays we develop our relationships through computers. Having realized that we are really dependent on our computers , We couldn't imagine life without them consequently , computers are really important to us If we see the brighter side, then Computers have proved to be a boon to the human life. We cannot imagine our life without computers. Our life has become very simpler and easier because of them. Computers have found their way into just about every aspect of our lives , Hence, the computer has affected various aspects of our life and has advanced our society to the future let me tell you about the advantages …..

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