Asking Alexandria

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Adrian Neff
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Asking Alexandria
In our modern society, music such as rap, pop, and country are the most popular and most listened to genres. However, there are hundreds of other genres that get little to no attention, such as metalcore and post-hardcore, and thousands of bands that get only moderate attention despite having extraordinary levels of talent. One such band is Asking Alexandria, a British metalcore/post-hardcore band. They are what most people would classify as “screamo”, because most of the lyrics are sung using guttural, “scream-like” sounds. Asking Alexandria was founded in 2008 and has produced two full-length studio albums, a short film, and nine music videos since then. Despite this success, there have still been countless problems within the band and its members since its founding. The ability to overcome these obstacles while touring the world and achieving many different forms of success is one of the multiple reasons that Asking Alexandria is an outstanding band.

Asking Alexandria was founded in 2008 when lead guitarist Ben Bruce returned from Dubai. While in Dubai, he had started a post-hardcore band with the name Asking Alexandria, which released one full-length studio album, but broke up shortly after when Bruce returned to the UK. Upon his return, Bruce contacted his old band members: Danny Worsnop, Kieran “Dougie” Taffinder, Ryan Binns, Joe Lancaster, Binzi, and Robin Everett. Along with Bruce, they formed a metalcore/post-hardcore band under the name of Asking Alexandria, taking the name from Bruce’s original band. Once formed, the band spent all of 2008 and the beginning of 2009 touring the UK and the United States. During this time, synthesist Ryan Binns left the band along with bassist Joe Lancaster, drummer Kieran Taffinder, rhythm guitarist Robin Everett, and keyboardist Binzi. These members were replaced by drummer James Cassells, bassist Sam Bettely, and rhythm guitarist Cameron...
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