Astonishing Nature

Topics: Natural environment, Personal life, Human Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The Astonishing Work of Nature
Have you ever dreamt of a place that you want to visit which is afar different from the place that you live in? Sometime in our busy life, we think about taking a break or spending some free time away from our routinary life. People from the countryside would like to experience the city lights and shopping while the urban people find peace and serenity beside lakes and waterfalls. However, some people will put in writing the appeal of the place they grew up in. In whichever way, our own attitude tends to serve as the molder of our personality and the window of our soul. These experiences and attitude carve us into a person who can face life in an environment that we loosen n up.

In the story of “What a Certain Visionary Once Said,” Tomson Highway describes the prairie as “…forest of spruce and pine and poplar and birch. The northern rivers and northern rapids, the waterfalls and the eskers, the northern lakes…encircled by golden-sand beaches and flat limestone surfaces that slide gracefully in the water” (Flachmann et al. 47). He mentions the beauty of the place as one cannot see everyday in an urban area. He starts by filling in some serene information that could influence calmness and tranquility to other people. Also, he describes a person who can sit down, listen and feel the soulful creation of nature that one can see how meaningful life can be and how devastating it can also be for others. As he says, “. .you can begin to remember that you are a human being and begin to hear the earth breathe” (Flachmann et al. 47). “ watch the movements of the waves which fury killed many a man….and despair so deep that killed many a man” (Flachmann et al. 48). Seeing the world in Highway’s point of view can make a person reflect on his life. He reasons that reflecting your life and other people life will make you understand that the earth we live on has an emotional, psychological and spiritual life every bit as complex as...
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