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In 2007, a major news magazine ran a cover
article entitled "Whither the PC?" The threats
reported in their analysis were worldwide and
stemmed from a variety of factors including the
growing popularity of 1110bile phones, PDAs, and
Web-based application software.
For most people, e-mail is the 1110St important
application that they use. For a long period of time,
sending and receiving e-mail necessitated having a
full-ncdged Pc. Nowadays, though, businesspcople
and consumcrs want to reap the benefit of being able
to access e-mail from anywhere, 24-7. without the
inconvenience of carrying a notebook computer around
with them. Mobile phones and PDAs now provide this
functionality, causing many people 10 question the
need for carrying a full-nedged computer. In the boom
days of the PC, the market was boundless, but growth
has slowed considerably. Moreover, with the growing
popularity of Web-based applientions, both businesses
and consumers are purchasing less expensive machines
that can access and run Web-based applientions and do
not require massive amounts of local processing power
or storage. Having ignored reality for years, PC makers
are at last doing something. In order to cut costs, they
arc already streamlining their operations through the
usc of information technology nnd looking at new
products and new markets to maintain revenue growth
and boost profitability.!
Founded in 1984, AtekPC had grown to become a
mid-sized U.S. PC maker with 2006 sales of $1.9
billion. AtekPC employed 2, I00 full-time workers
and an additional 200 part-time workers. In spite
of rapid growth in the 1990s, AtekPC found itself
struggling alongside the world's other PC makers
1 David Smith, "PC Makers Face Increased Price
Competition and Industry Consolidation," Metropolitan
News Journal, February 17, 2007, p. 87.
2 "Whither the PC?," Global News, March 20, 2007,
464 Modl!le Three IT Leadership
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