Celebrities and Politics

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Celebrities and Politics

The word media stars or as we call them celebrities, refer to those people who via mass media enjoy a greater presence and wider scope of activities in fields such as commonly associated with celebrity prestige, are careers in entertainment sphere. Also they are people who have a prominent profile, have some public fascination, and have a big influence in day-to-day media for people especially young ages.

Politician is someone who actively involved in politics, plays a very important role especially for the country. They should be our role models in everyday life and should serve the country. Politicians need a political degree in educational basic form, because they need to run a governmental office and take the responsibilities for making decision.

So is it convenient celebrities become politician? Here are some of my arguments Celebrities do have some flocking social networking, having millions fans, become the king or queen of the social network which make them easy to communicate with their fans. And if they want to be a politician, so campaign is not a big problem for them. They used to promote projects, they know how to connect with others, and know how to communicate well. But, how about their political educational basic form? Celebrities used to work since they were such a little baby, or they start debut when they were in high school. We can say that they’re not really concentrate with study subjects, more over lots of them home schooled, or taking only art subjects at school, then taking informal study subjects university such as drama, modeling, music, or art. Don’t forget we also have to concern about celebrity’s personal life. They used to live in glamour, society, and highest lifestyle. And, even though as human we have right to live peacefully, but for celebrities, paparazzi or media mass can’t stop following them. Or maybe, they could make rumors and twisted every facts that makes people feel like they're...
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