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Computer Comparison-Edge Electric Marketing

Edge Electric is a marketing company. It was founded in 2000 by John Edge, a very ambitious entrepreneur. Edge Electric was founded in South Florida but has expanded and now does work all around the United States. Edge Electric specializes in promoting at sporting events of all sorts, form football games to wakeboarding competitions. What separates Edge Electric from all other companies is its incredible marketing abilities in graphic design and the incorporation of hands on videos and audience interaction. Edge Electric is continuing to grow and has helped hundreds of companies promote and expand their company name. In order to keep up with the expansion of the company I am researching laptops and computers to further the technological advancement of Edge Electric. The first computer, the Dell Inspiron One 20” Non Touch, has an Intel Celeron Processor (Dual Core). It also has Windows 8, 4GB memory, and a 500GB hard drive. What really sets this computer apart and proves it will be beneficial for Edge Electric is that the screen is very bright and has vibrant colors. The bright vibrant colors correspond excellently with the graphic designs needed when marketing new products. Windows 8 allows for easy use for all the employees. The Inspiron One also provides plenty of storage for the several different designs and prototypes that will be saved to the hard drive. The second computer, the HP Pavillion p6-2220 Desktop PC has a few similar attributes but runs on Windows 7 Home Premium 64. Employees are more familiar with this operating system and it will provide a smoother transition in our technology upgrade. The optical drive provides a supermulti DVD burner. This is incredibly beneficial to Edge Electric because we specialize in providing companies with videos to promote products. The third computer, the Toshiba All-in-One PX35t A2210 Desktop, truly sets itself apart from the...

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