Charlie Sheen and Voyeurism

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Charlie Sheen and Voyeurism

After reading Charlie Sheen and Voyeurism by Mark Goulston, I realized what kind of world we live in today. We live in a world that relies on television and create opinions and lifestyles from the things televised. Mark Goulston mentions, that people realize how ordinary their own lives are, and therefore they have an urge follow the life of others, by following them in TV shows and social networks. This voyeurism has become a well-known phenomenon that describes the way people live their lives today.

Mark Goulston mentions that people have a hunger for experience, and because of our mundane lives, we seek satisfaction in television programs. This hunger is the one causing us to watch sports, go to the movies and to become riveted to “American Idol” and “Dancing With the Stars”. He calls these people we follow Charlie Sheens, Lindsay Lohans ect. because all celebrities have one thing in common, they live life with full speed and there is always something new and exciting happening in their lives.

I feel that television has come to a point where it can’t manage to create programmes any more complicated than watching people live their version of an ordinary life. This will eventually become a problem, which has an impact on both society, and the way that the next generation will grow up. They will grow up identifying themselves with people like the ones participating in TV shows such as Jersey Shore. They will see fornication and drinking as a part of everyday life, and they will believe that fame through this kind of television, is the way to a successful life. Mark Goulston also mentions, that “introjective identification” is a process, used to describe the way that people see themselves living through someone’s life. This tells us that we are already in the process of giving people the wrong role models, who they live their own lives through. “Introjective identification” was originally used to describe a positive way...
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