Chicken Ala Carte

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, Food Pages: 2 (826 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Ong, Geneveive

Chicken Ala Carte by Ferdinand Dimadura depicts a way of life. Dimadura showed me a window through which I saw life far removed and yet similar to what I know. My own experience made me see a cycle of hunger and poverty but when I place myself in the shoes of those who have less, I believe I see relative subsistence and, as the film framed it, happiness. The film shaped an interesting perspective to visit, wherein, you place yourself in someone who has a different set of needs and wants from your own. This new perspective makes me ponder my concept of needs and poses a lot of questions in my mind: What do I need now? Why did it change? Why are these needs not met? When I stand from the legs of someone who has only known a live each day existence, I would have to say that I see nothing wrong with providing for my family however I can. Nutrition and hygiene is not important. It is a luxury. Tomorrow will have to take care of itself because I have today to get through. It is like keeping a job. You go out every day in hope that you have something to bring home to your family, do your best on the job, be happy of any find, go back home to the warm welcome of those who are waiting, give them the fruits of your day’s labor, give thanks for today’s blessings, and be grateful that you won’t be sleeping hungry tonight. Anything more from here seems a bonus. When I stand from the edge of my own experience, I would have to say that I saw the family stuck in a rut of poverty where a hand-to-mouth existence gets them by until the children learn from their parents, make a family of their own, and then start another vicious cycle of hunger and poverty. Why another cycle? Because the children might never learn the education we would like them to learn, not just how to rise to the subsistence level but rather to go beyond that and make the quality of life better; make better personal choices. I find it so fascinating that they had found a...
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