Cinema Paradiso Analytical Paper

Topics: Personal life, Love, Emotion Pages: 2 (820 words) Published: January 24, 2015
Cinema Paradiso Reflection and Analystical Paper

1. It is apparent that movies affected Toto. He was enthralled by them. He lived by following what he learned movies. Even the romances in the movies guided him in his love life. These movies became a form escape from reality. These movies consumed too much of his world that these might have hampered from seeing what reality really is. That’s why when Alfredo noticed Toto’s focus on movies, he reminded Toto, “life is not like the movies”. In a way, the movies were benefited Toto because these movies guided him in his life. These also gave him hope in real life. But, movies were more detrimental to Toto. It made him blind to what reality is. He had less focus on life because of the movies. Movies became blurred between reality and fantasy. One example was when his mother told him his father died. It is expected when a loved one dies, people mourn. However, Toto even smiled when he saw a particular film poster. 2. The rusty anchors by the seashore symbolized Toto’s views on life and love that were greatly influenced by films, and his loyalty and commitment to films. He was severely attached to his love for Elena, being and his village life, even when clearly there were a lot of other opportunities to pursue his passion. Alfredo tried to explain that like the deep blue sea beyond there is a bigger world for Toto to explore, a world which will develop his passion and talents fully, and reach his potential. The unwinding yarn that was knitted by Salvatore’s mom symbolized Toto’s life unwinding itself as he was back where he came from. It hinted that he came back to search himself for unsettled questions. He looked back to his life that was once a dream. Finally, fortunately he got answers and remembered where he came from. The demolition of Cinema Paradiso symbolized a new beginning for the townspeople of Giancaldo, and new advancement in technology which was the television.It symbolized the...
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