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Lululemon Athletica
I am choosing a company that I absolutely love as a consumer and because of their brilliant marketing strategies they have positively put in place in this competitive market. Before I even stepped into a store I was lured to them through their use of uplifting and inspiring quotes that they strategically place on their store bags when you purchase something from them. It caught my eye and as I saw more women carrying these bags I had to ask someone one day “where did you get that, I see them everywhere!” That was about 3 years ago and I am completely hooked on the brand. It identifies mostly with the athletic community, women and now men that want more than just yoga, dance, running, or biking gear. It is a complete active lifestyle brand which promotes a healthy and positive way of life. I can honestly say I wear it nearly every day, for working out or running around the city doing errands. I have a slight addiction to the brand clearly. It is comfortable and sheik active ware. It is on the pricey side for some. Ranging from a $48 sports bra to $178 outer jacket. I can stand by justifying the price because of the quality. They offer free alterations and will even “defuzz” the items if you bring them in. Being in the retail industry I appreciate the level of amzing service you get from the second you walk in the door. Lululemon is one of my happy places! Lululemon basically operates on a grassroots business model; the rest of the yoga industry is operating on the “big” sports brands style. An example according to the “Wall Street Journal” article, yoga-inspired clothing manufacturer lululemon is employing unconventional and inexpensive marketing strategies. While other fitness-wear lines pay crazy money for big name celebrities to push their lines, lululemon appoints community ambassadors and doesn’t pay for them, instead giving them $1000 worth of product and inviting them to teach for free in their stores. They are selling amazing products...

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