Comparative Critique

Topics: Personal life, Love, Body mass index Pages: 4 (1350 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Zack Freeman
ACP W131 -Period 4
October 12, 2010
Comparative Critique: “Virtual Love” and “Too ‘Close to the Bone’”
In “Virtual Love” author Meghan Daum told a story about an event that once occurred in her life. This event was one of love, mystery, and disappointment. One where she had inexplicably grew fond of a stranger just because of a simple question that he sent to her through an email message because he had admired her work. She knew nothing about this man and yet she continued to keep in contact with him, forming a bond that they both were hoping would last forever. In “Too ‘Close to the Bone’” author Roberta Seid not only delivered facts, but also examined closely what has become to be known as the “fashion for thinness” and its affects on not only women, but all people throughout the world. The author stated that she wanted to know why the media promotes slenderness, and she figured that out and explained it throughout the article. Both of these articles tie into one another because they both contain elements of obsession, perception, and how each topic affects our daily lives. They go into each category throughout their articles and provide detail so that both can be compared and broken down for the reader to understand. Although the authors differed in the approach they took to explain it, they still provide the same meanings, which allows the reader to see how similar the articles are.

Obsession is common when it comes to dealing with technology and new fads that everyone is interested in. Obsession can be described as something that makes you yearning for more. In author Meghan Daum’s article, obesession is the most prevalent topic. The author was in a cyber world that she could never get enough of. This is because she met a man who admired her, and pursued her more than she ever expected anyone would. This caused her to build an obsession with not only him, but the technology used as well; because through most of the article that...

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