Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, Positive psychology Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Emerson and Thoreau share similar views on life. They share similar views on life like thinking that it should be taken with simple steps and with ease, living life the way you want to, and appreciating the little values that come along with it. Thoreau states that life should be simple and that “being in the now” is taking over. Everyday advances in the world are starting to choose how we live for us, instead of living our lives ourselves. Emerson says that appreciating small things, appreciating yourself, and appreciating others around you is life. These are the points stated by Emerson and Thoreau on how life should be for everyone. Thoreau believes that a lot of the details of our daily lives are meaningless and that if people lived simpler that their lives would be happier. This means that everyone needs to enjoy even the smallest of things they come by. When people take the things they own into consideration they tend to be happier. Something a person might care about is another person, or a valuable they have had with them their entire life. Thoreau is saying to just be happy, enjoy life, and take breaks. Thoreau's opinion of change is continuous and never ending. Thoreau thinks that this is how we should live our lives. He thinks we should live our lives this way because there isn't many things people come by that they enjoy. In order to enjoy life, look at your past and see how it built you up to the present. Look back at all the things you were given and appreciate those valuables no matter how small. Belongings play a big role in someones life, in others its another person, or even an animal. What that means is that anything can brighten up a persons mood or just make them smile, even for a few minutes. Life is short, whether you think it or not, life can fly by. Why let it? Enjoy life to it’s fullest and use your full potential, you can bring joy and happiness to anyone if you put your mind to it. “Our life is frittered away by detail” (382) Thoreau...
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