Compare the Life Expectancy of the Population of America and Japan

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From the information on the internet, we know that the life expectancy in America increases to 78.14 years old ( Comparatively, the life expectancy in Japan raises to 82.07 years old ( It seems that Japanese have a longer life than the Americans, but why? People from different countries may have different life expectancies. The purpose of this essay is to compare the life expectancy of America and Japan and decide on the healthier country by researching their daily diet, lifestyle and medical care.

The main cause we noticed is daily diet. Most Americans love fried and fatty food which may cause heart diseases and strokes. According to a recent survey of American adults sponsored by two American organizations, hamburgers and hot dogs are at the top of the list of foods most associated with America (Sandy Moyer, 2008). Conversely, the Japanese prefer to eat seafood, such as fish. Their lower-fat, higher-protein diet reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke (Heart and Stroke Foundation, 2008). From these, we can know that daily diet makes Japanese healthier than Americans.

Different lifestyles may influence people’s health. The research shows us that Americans are the most overworked, underslept and overdrawn people in the developed world. They find themselves anxious and depressed (Tom James, 21/10/2008). The fast and hard life makes them suffer from stress and cause a lot of diseases. Comparatively, Japanese also have long working hours, but they have good habits in life. They walk more, eat slowly and do meditative exercises like tai chi, karate. They have good manners and do not easily get angry. Therefore, their regular lives hardly cause stress and they might be healthier than Americans and get longer life expectancy.

Yet the third difference we have found is medical care. The US is the only developed country that has expensive healthcare and does not have a full government supported healthcare system...
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