Comparing Computers

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The computers that were chosen are the Dell Inspiron One Desktop, Lenovo’s M29p Small Desktop and HP Pavilion p6-2120. They were chosen because there all basic family computers that you would see in a typical family household. During this time certain items shall be focused on such as price and processor speed.  

Unit 4 Comparing Computers

The three computers that I chose to compare are from Dell and there New Inspiron One 23 All-in-One Desktop, Lenovo’s M92p Small Desktop and HP Pavilion p6-2120. I’m going to compare most of the important components of the computers ranging from processor speed to size of the hard drives and also will be making comparisons of the different prices and how they might fair against each other.

Inspiron One 23 All in One Desktop
Starting with the price on this Dell New Inspiron One it is priced at $649 which overall isn’t a horrible price for the components which are included in this desktop. The operating system on this machine that comes with it is the Windows 8 64 bit overall what I know about Windows 8 is that it belongs on a smartphone and not a desktop computer. Although this desktop has the option for a touch screen monitor it all depends as what your planning on doing with it as to whether or not you want to spend the extra $150 on the package. The processor is an i7-3770s (3.90 GHz) will help and allow you to multitask more items and at a faster rate without any sort of slowdowns. The 8GB of DDR3 ram is in there and will provide you with stability as in you won’t have to add more ram into your system to help speed up some processes. It contains a 1TB hard drive for storage of all your pictures, videos and other programs that you choose to install. The major downside of this system is the integrated video and sound cards as they tend not to last as long as purchasing a semi-decent to higher end card. It also includes a wireless mouse and keyboard which if I was suggesting I would purchase a wired...

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