Computer Distributing System

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Mrs. Jiao
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October 24, 2013
Computer Distributing System
A computer distributing system consists of a lot of computers that are linked in one computer network (Ihorkuz and Gernot). The computer network where all the computers are linked, gives them the permission to computers to share benefits from the system hardware, software and data. The computers that are in a distributed system can be close and connected by a local network, geographic network, and connected by a wide area network. We use the computer distributing system all the time, in school we use it often, in the library where we have servers and hosts. People use it al the time because it has a low cost since everybody use it, scalability which is growing when time passes by, security where the server can install antiviruses to protect the networks, firewalls, and a software complexity.

Three significant characteristics are concurrency of components, lack of global clock, and independent failure of components (Tribhuran). According to Tribuhuran “There is a possibility that several clients will attempt to access shared recourse at the same time. Therefor concurrency is one challenge”. The Internet is one of the sources that we can get to use to use the distributing system of a computer, according to Carage in Communications of the ACM, distributed systems are notoriously difficult to implement and operate. But the internet consists of three elements that make the distributing system which are the desk top computer, server, and network link. It has global access so everybody can use it; there is no authority where they need to give you a permit to use the internet. The network link is a source where it consists of back ones, a source where the computers connect and gathers the different desk top computers together. The server has the authority to provide the use of the computer to the hosts.

An Intranet is another example of a distributed system which it consists of a single...

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