Computer Hardware and Servicing Nc Ii Reviewer

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COMPUTER HARDWARE SERVICING NC2 REVIEWER – With oral questioning This provides examples, hint and basic outline of the examination of TESDA in Computer Hardware and Servicing NC II 1. LIST OF TOOLS AND MATERIALS / INVENTORY (Written) Following are examples


OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY PROCEDURE (Written) Always ground or discharge yourself before touching any part of the computer Do not work alone so that there’s someone who can take care of you in case of accident or emergency. Be careful with the tools that may cause short circuit Always full the cable connector on the handle and not on the cable itself Use only rubber shoes when standing on the ground or in a concrete floor Make sure that the pins are properly aligned when connecting a cable connector. Always power off and unplug the computer before working on it. Take away any liquid such as mineral water or soft drinks near your working area or near computers. Contingency measures during workplace accidents, fire and other emergencies are recognized. Personal protective equipment is correctly used in accordance with organization OHS procedures and practice. Hazard/risks in the workplace and their corresponding indicators are identified to minimize or eliminate risk to co-workers, workplace and environment. Take necessary precautions to protect the component of the computer from damaged cause by Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Hold the components by edges and do not touch the IC’s. Read and follow instruction on the manual carefully. Do not use excessive force if things don’t quite slip into place. Always handle electronic components by a non-conducting (non-metallic) edge. Don't touch the pins or other connectors. Do not eat, drink or smoke while assembling the computer When working on a computer avoid places that are damp, subject to temperature extremes, dirty, or dusty. The table should be clean and non-metallic to avoid short circuits Always disconnect a computer from the AC power and from any powered peripherals while you are working on it. Never plug an ATX power supply into AC power while adding and connecting cards of motherboard.


ASEEMBLE SYSTEM UNIT (Actual) Proper assembling procedure: Prepare the computer case (Install power supply, I/O shield and spacers) Install drives (DVD, Floppy and HDD) Install the CPU, fan, heat sink and memory module on the motherboard Install the motherboard into the casing and expansion cards Install the cablings (Power connectors, FDD Connector, IDE/SATA Connector, USB headers and system panel header). Attach the monitor, keyboard, mouse and plug into a power source. Troubleshoot if necessary Assemble and install network connection


INSTALL OPERATING SYSTEMS (OS – XP/2000/98, Dual Boot), DEVICE DRIVERS, LAN CABLE (Actual) The type of operating system to be installed might change overtime. For LAN cable colour coding memorize the pairings below.

5 summary steps in installing Windows XP 1. License agreement 2. Partitioning 3. Formatting 4. Copy of files 5. Product key Cabling - Creating Straight-Through and Cross-Over Cable

Summary steps in installing 2 operating system in 1 computer 1. Partition the hard drive into 2 using fat format 2. Install first the old windows (Ex.: Windows 98) into the first partition which is Drive C 3. Next , install the new one (Ex.: Windows XP) into the 2nd partition which is Drive D or E

TX- transmitters RX- receivers Note that pins 4, 5, 7, and 8 and the blue and brown pairs are not used in either standard. These pins and wires are not used or required to implement 100BASE-TX duplexing--they are just plain wasted. So 1,2,3, and 6 are used only.

Networking – Peer to Peer Diagram of a simple LAN with two PCs using a single crossover cable to connect the workstations

Computer Name: Server IP Address: Workgroup: Netopia

Cross-Over Cable

Computer Name: Client IP Address: Workgroup: Netopia

Things To Do: 1. Use the Control Panel /...
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