Computer Systems and Various Parts

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Computer Systems Assignment.
Task 1.
(A computer system is made up of a variety of internal and external components, describe the components and their function, how they communicate with each other and what different types are available.) Computer systems recently have essentially been split into three categories in terms of hardware. There is the basic build, which accommodates smaller and more basic equipment that is ideal for office use or personal computing. There is then a stylish and fast build which can be used for many purposes like office use, programming, low end gaming and media. There is then a gaming or media build which require the top end equipment to run the latest games or develop HD visual or audio media. These high end machines are very customizable and can be personalised down to small in depth details.

Plain Computer Cases - (For a very basic and inexpensive build)

These usually smaller cases are designed for space efficiency in offices and homes; cooling and expansion of hardware are not prioritised as these cases are designed for basic computers which would be used to run early games or web surfing and documenting.

Most pre-build computer systems today would come with this type of computer case, a space efficient packed case with little or no customization.

This type of computer case will be built in a way that is often not easy to assemble; this is because this computer type is not really meant to be upgraded much, and is pre-built in a very cramped way.

These cases would have little room for extra internal cooling fans or case fans, because the hardware inside them is likely to not get overworked and overheated easily. These cases will have few rails for additional hard drives and likely would only have one optical drive

Stylish Computer Cases - (For a stylish appearance and decent performing build)

these cases are designed to hold components which allow for lots of media content to be watched or played. These cases are built to have a bit of extra space for upgrading and easy access for repairs or internal changes even though the majority of these cases come pre-built with an entire computer system but can be custom built too.

The majority of these types of computer systems are usually built in the mid-sized or full tower computer cases which have a few more bells and whistles than the plain computer cases, such as front panel gauges and controls, external USB ports and possibly a front panel door.

These cases are specifically designed to have a little extra space inside for bigger graphics cards or media accelerators. With better media options comes a bigger and more powerful power supply unit, so these stylish cases end up being a generous size. There will usually be space for additional internal cooling fans, as well as the option of a large heat-sink for the processor, additional HDD slots and often multiple optical drive slots for better media ripping and burning.

Gaming Computer Cases (For a high performance gaming and often expensive build.)

Gaming Computer cases are the top-end of all computer cases, as the build requires the best hardware components around. These massive gaming cases are so large because a gaming build often require multiple graphics cards, sometimes up six. To enable this level of customization, gaming computer cases need to have a massive amount of space to fit extended ATX motherboards with many tall expansion cards so the case not only needs to be long but also deep. These cases, unlike other cases need to be specifically designed for optimal airflow, as the components inside the system will be working very hard and will overheat. Gaming cases usually come with some case fans and at least one internal fan; these internal fans and case fans help to Extract hot air from inside the machine and replace it with cool air from outside, keeping the processor, cards and power supply unit cool.

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