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Some people believe that computers are more a hindrance than a help in todays's world. Others feel that they are such indispensable tools that they would not be able to live or work without them. - In what ways are computers a hindrance

- What is your opinion?

Nowadays we can see computers increase their popularity; however, using computer too much may lead to negative results. Some people believe that computers have more adverse effects than their helps while others comment that computers are necessary. In my opinion, although computers are sometimes a hindrance, they can make our lives become easier in many ways. Many years ago people start to realize that computers bring many disadvantages to our lives. For example, computers cause many social problems. Computer game addiction is one of the most important disturbance affecting children and young adults in many regions. Computer-related crimes are increasing and threatening our privacy protections. Many jobs are permanently replaced by computers so, millions of people become unemployed. In addition, some people also aware of adverse effects to heath that are caused by computers. For example, overuse of the computer may lead to cervical spine degenerative disease, eye strain, and prolong UV exposure from the computer screen. For those possible negative effects of computers, some people feel it is serious enough to consider computers as a hindrance. Despite its many troubles, as far as I am concerned, there are many advantages derived from computers that can outweigh their bad effects. Computers have important roles in many aspects. Communication is easier and faster by the application of computers. Many information and knowledge can be transferred to distance places around the world within seconds. Furthermore, people can use computers as a learning tool. Computers provide a variety of learning program which either...
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