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PC Specification Mini Case

[See PC Case Study Instructions for complete details and assignment criteria]

Your office has outgrown its old desktop machines and is in the market for new PCs, but would like some guidance on what to purchase. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to ensure that the office obtains PC machines that meet the requirements stated below. You, as the IT Procurement Officer for your small educational company, have been tasked by the CIO to procure 5 PCs for the office.

The CIO has defined some capabilities that the PCs will need to have to ensure optimal performance. These tasks and system needs are collectively the office’s requirements. The requirements are as follows:

1. Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and send and receive email

2. Participate in online chat rooms to include video conferences, web courses and forums (the CIO is a part-time professor at a local university)

3.Create and edit audio and video files and share video and audio files via emails, bulletin boards and in chat rooms

4. Create small databases to manage all audio, video and photo data

5. Take high quality digital photos and videos and download them to the PC as well as scan and edit the photos.

6.Print documents to include photo quality color printing

7. Save documents to pdf and other image formats

8. Transfer information (audio, video and photos) between PC machines

9. Manage the CIO’s schedule by using an online calendar and day planner

10. Utilize the internet to make online purchases, conduct banking services and research new audio, video and photo editing methods using a broadband service.

11. Connect all required peripheral devices you deem necessary to the system unit

12. Protect the PC and all components from dirty electrical power including under voltage (brownout or blackout) and overvoltage (power surge or spike)

13. Manage and protect the system, data, and information while...
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