Computers in the Business Field

Topics: Computer, Computer security, Personal computer Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: September 18, 2012
How computers are used in Business

Today computers and other technologies are used without a second thought. In the business field, in the nursing field, in the teaching field, or whichever it may be we all seem to use them but not really think about it. Business uses computers everyday almost all day long. Whether you’re sending an email or having an online conference. Computers make having a business, running a business, or working a business a lot easier. In the business field today many employees are offered computers or access to one but prefer to use or bring their own. Using or bringing your own device is growing due to several factors. BYOD (Bring your own device) is being used in many work places today. BYOD is a policy raised by Cesare Garlati, Vice President of mobile security at Trend Micro. “The appetite among employees to use their personal devices for work is growing. Of 100 business leaders surveyed at the Unified Communications Expo in London earlier this year 64 percent said their employees wanted to use their own personal devices.” As the quote stated 64% would prefer to use their own personal device. Some of the reasons behind that is due to ease, security, and personalization.

Security and ease are two main reasons that employees favor the BYOD policy. When you bring your own device to your work place you are then able to work on what it is that you need to while at work but also have the ease of being able to take the tablet or phone or iPad that you used home with you. Being able to take your work home and having the access to finishing up an email or an article or a PowerPoint makes it easier on the employee and will also allow them to work more efficiently and get more work done. However, some corporations do not like the ideal of being able to take work home with you. They feel that it is a security issue and could lead to viruses and or hackers. In the world today there millions of “hackers” that can break almost any passcode or...

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