Computers V.S Laptops

Topics: Personal computer, Laptop, Desktop computer Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: April 10, 2014
Laptops and desktop computers are becoming a huge necessity in our daily lives; we need them to complete simple or even big tasks. More than 75% of Americans own a laptop or a desktop computer according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Oftentimes people find it difficult to choose whether they want to purchase a desktop computer or a laptop. It may seem that the two are similar, but they are quite different. Desktop computers and laptops have differences when it comes to their convenience, maintenance, performance, and cost. Consumers must carefully consider how they will use their system before purchasing either a laptop or a desktop computer.

As we all know, a desktop computer usually takes up a lot of space; they are hard to move and often create clutter because of the many wires and cables that need to be connected to each other. The speakers, keyboards, and touch pad for a laptop are built in, so it does not have wires. It is quite annoying to see so many wires and cables on a desktop computer. Because laptops are smaller and are portable, users can move them while they travel, and they only occupy a small space. Users such as college students, teachers, and business people that cant be tied down to a desk and are continuously on the go would be better off purchasing a laptop rather then a desktop computer.

Performance of laptops and desktop computers is very different. The laptop is capable of having better components that can handle better graphics. It is suitable for hardcore gaming. However, a laptop does have its limits. It can’t handle hardcore games that might be new releases. Its battery is limited and can easily overheat in just a short time, unlike the desktop computer, which does not overheat easily unless one keeps it on for a very long time. So users like computer science majors, computer graphic designers, and or even kids who like to play computer games might want to consider buying a laptop instead of a desktop.

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