Concept of Healthy Life Style

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The Concept of the Healthy Life Style

What’s the definition of healthy life style?

A healthy lifestyle is one that focuses on incorporating the eight aspects of wellbeing into one’s life (emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual).

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Not only is the absence of disease a sign of having a healthy lifestyle, but also the ability to function at an optimal level of productivity is indicative of it.

Why is a healthy lifestyle so important?

Not only is health important to a person at the individual level, but also it contributes to the advancement of society if more people are performing closer to their fullest potential. For more information on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle, please see the rest of this pamphlet.

Dimensions of Health:

Physical Dimension:

A person with physical health is free from illnesses that affect the physiological systems of the body such as the heart, the nervous system, etc. A person with physical health possesses an adequate level of physical fitness and physical wellness.

* Having Normal Anatomical Profile.

* Having Normal Physiological Profile.

* Having Normal Biochemical Profile.

* Having Normal Nutritional Profile.

Mental Dimension:

A person with emotional health is free from emotional-mental illnesses or debilitating conditions such as clinical depression. It is also states of balance between you & your surroundings world.

* Is free from internal conflict.

* Is well adjusted.

* Has a strong sense of self-esteem.

* knows himself/herself, his/her needs, problems and goals.

*knows his/her strength and weakness.

*Has good self-control.

*faces problems and tries to solve them intelligently.

Social Dimension:

A person with social health is free from illnesses or conditions that severely limit functioning in society, including antisocial pathologies.

It’s also states of harmony with all the members of the society.

Emotional Dimension:

It’s related to feelings. A person with emotional wellness is generally characterized as happy, as opposed to depressed.

Spiritual Dimension:

That part of an individual who reaches out for meaning and purposes of life. Spiritual health is the one component of health that is totally comprised of the wellness dimension. For this reason, spiritual health is considered to be synonymous with spiritual wellness.

Factors of healthy Life style:


Lifestyle change, more than any other factor, is considered to be the best way of preventing illness and early death in our society.

Regular physical activity, sound nutrition, and stress management are considered to be priority healthy lifestyles.

These are regular physical activity (exercise), eating well, and managing stress. There are several reasons for placing priority on these lifestyles. First, they are behaviours that affect the lives of all people. Second, they are lifestyles in which large numbers of people can make improvement. Finally, modest changes in these behaviours can make dramatic improvements in individual and public health.

For example people who use tobacco, abuse drugs (including alcohol), or practice unsafe sex can have immediate and dramatic health benefits by changing these behaviours. On the other hand, large segments of the population do not have problems in these areas. Obviously, these people cannot benefit from lifestyle changes in these areas.

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