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D2: Assess potential issues which could arise from the involvement of several professionals in the planning of support for individuals Care plans are set out and designed to understand a service user’s needs, preference and choices. You must always discuss how they important for empowering them. If you constantly give a service user no choice in what they would like they will stop trying and become independent they will no longer feel they have any worth or value in the care home, and their self-awareness and self-esteem will decrease meaning their self-concept is at a low. They could feel marginalised and pushed out of option. When caring for someone you must make them feel empowered and capable of still doing things on their own otherwise they will give up. There is core principles and values that are also set out to advices cares on how a person should be treated, for example being treated as an individual, this means every person has the right be treat the way they would like to and the norm of how a person should be cared for, example with respect and their dignity maintained. Taking away a patient preference and choice does not treat them as an individual. This limits them from opportunities and chances, which is not what a health and social care professional should or would do. They would try to encourage a person, make sure they do not feel independent or even alone, allow them to make their own decisions on certain things they are entitled too. Ethnic issues could be of a certain religion or someone with ethnical background of rules that means they can’t eat meat, or no blood transfusions etc. Staff members must understand what other possible approaches such as meals or other treatment can be put in place, so the staff should speak to the patient about options. All staff and patients should respect their diverse way of living, in a care plan you would have to include that this person had these circumstances so that anyone who will care for them knows...
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