Death of a Salesman

Topics: Personal life, 2006 singles, James Truslow Adams Pages: 2 (856 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Death of a salesman
(Talking to the grave of his father) Coward... You realised that your life was nothing but a lie and you ran away from it. Is this the way you want us to act? Is this the final example of how we should live our lives? You were never a good mentor. From such an early age you exposed us to exactly how we should not live in this world. Theft, lies, adultery and now suicide? The things you did sicken me. You tried to convince us that these things were necessary to be the successful and great men that we were destined to be, when really all they did was satisfy your ego and fuel your twisted sense of reality. Everything you ever did was for an unsuccessful, dissatisfying concept. “the American dream?” why don’t you spend more time worrying about reality rather than a dream. Nothing is that fictional. Nothing is ever that perfect. But you didn’t recognise that. All it would have took was for you to realise that you didn’t need all of that. The respect and popularity, the money making job, the family that carries on your legacy. All you needed was to be content with yourself and the ones who truly loved you would be impressed enough. There was no need to fabricate your whole life in an attempt to fit in with the dream. Throughout the whole play there were constant references to being the “man” of the modern day. Making money, having the dream and to obtain this status you were always “making up” for the flaws in your life. People like Charley saying things like “No man needs a little salary” (page 110) when that was all you ever needed and more. And the never ending lies and over exaggeration of your life. “Oh, what a simonising job it is” (page 14) pretty much summarises your entire life. The need to impress and to be the best you possibly could was drummed into your head from such an early age by this society and you fell victim to it. So much so that you made up your entire career and life to show others how great you were, when you were really...
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