Deception in Hamlet

Topics: Hamlet, Lie, Characters in Hamlet Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: December 7, 2012
Hamlet the story of the Prince of Denmark set in the 17th century who is torn from the loss of his father and vengeance of his father’s killer, Claudius, his uncle. From Hamlet’s need for vengeance lead to the creation of a new identity under a false pretense of his own insanity in order to reveal Claudius’s guilt for the act of murdering his brother in order to claim his right to the Danish Throne. While Hamlet in the pursuit for vengeance, Claudius on the other hand is set on making sure his title of King of Denmark is secure by ensuring Hamlet does not succeed in his plans by practicing the use of manipulation, spying, and dishonesty. The use of deception is created throughout the play on numerous occasions such as the staging of the Murder of Gonzago shows Hamlet trying to get Claudius to confess, ultimately Hamlets false display of Insanity creates deception in itself by drawing attention away from his true motives, and when Claudius lies to everyone in the speech pertaining to the murder of the King of Denmark. Ultimately Hamlets actions created deception by drawing attention away from his real motives by displaying false insanity. Hamlet only pretends to be insane in order to deceive the rest of the characters with the exception of Horatio in order to achieve his goal so he may claim vengeance over the murdering of his father in cold blood. His apparent madness is a concept that he created to blind the other characters in a clever rues, so in laymen terms he is fully aware and conscious of his own actions so that he may mislead others into thinking that he is insane in order to hide his true motives for revenge. Hamlet’s deceptive plan becomes apparent in the play when he fore warns Horatio about any odd behavior that he may display in the near future as told when “Here, as before, never, so help you mercy, How strange or odd sooner I bear myself, As I, perchance, hereafter shall think meet To put an antic disposition on, That you, at such times seeing...
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