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Management in all business and organizational activities is the act of coordinating the efforts of people to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively. (Press, 2013) Therefore a manager is responsible for ensuring that all of this happens accordingly. Michael Dell the founder and Manager of Dell computers perfectly shows all of these skills. Dell computers are a multinational computer trading company that was first established back in 1984. Dell develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and their related products and services (Dell, 2013). Michael S. Dell the creator of this business used his impressive entrepreneurial skills along with his fascination with computers to establish and uphold this internationally acclaimed business. In 1991 Dell was making sales of $546 million, although come late 1993 it proved to be a challenge for Dell as there was a recorded loss of $36 million (Dell, N.D). The company was in need of serious changes to rebuild its successes. It was time for Michael Dell to step in as a manger and take control. Through the the use of the management theories Organisational behaviour, strategic management, Decision making and Human Resources Michael dell was able to turn Dell into a money making market leading success once again. Organisational Behaviour

The first thing Michael needed to do to get dell back on track was take leadership over his teams. Michael has always been a strong believer of getting involved with all of his employees and having strong management and leadership attributes showing throughout his whole company. Positive outcomes of building an effective team at Dell was that it allowed staff to take leadership with their own tasks and decisions and for all the different branches of Dell to come together and work towards the same goals that Michael envisioned. For such a big company this was very important as there are so many different things going on in different branches it was going to be hard to monitor everyone 24/7. By applying Leadership techniques such as empowerment and Referent Power Michael was able to achieve this success. With empowerment Michael gave his employees the information and knowledge to succeed and do well. When an employee feels empowered they usually will follow through with commitment and high quality work ethic to the task at hand. Lastly Referent Power was a great help in the success of getting Dell back on track. By being such a charismatic leader, but also one with a clear head and willing to listen, it made Michael’s staff more than happy to work for Dell and also created a sense of admiration and wanting to associate themselves with Michael himself. (Dell, N.D) Secondly Michael needed to sort out the communication in his company and with his customers before he could go anywhere further. The most beneficial form of communication due to Dells situation would be Effective communication, credible communication and Feedback. In communication processes there will always be two things, a sender and a receiver. Through this there are many variables, the primary ones for Dell being Sender/receiver, Message, Channel, Encoder/Decoder, Feedback, Noise, Context and perception. Due to these variables the first communication Consideration Effective communication is very important as it is all about making sure the intended meaning Dell wants to get across is fully understood by Dell’s staff and customers. By getting a clear message across there won’t be much room for perception barriers to be formed between Dells staff and customers as perception is a communication difficulty that has been a problem for dell in the past. (Dell, N.D)Credible communication is another important style of communication Dell needed to put in place to use with its customers as it earns the trust and respect of customers and gave Dell integrity in the eyes of others. Lastly Dell needed to take advantage of feedback a very important...

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