Dell Computers Sales Function Paper

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Dell Computers
Sales Function Paper
Week One
MKT-445: Sales Tools and Strategies

The company chosen is Dell Computers. Dell is a computer sales-oriented company that began in 1984 by Michael Dell in Austin, Texas. Dell Computers focuses on customer satisfaction. This does not stop at the final purchase of a computer. This satisfaction started with the idea and the design, manufacturing, packaging, the sale, and continues with the technical support after the sale has been made. Without the interaction between departments and teamwork Dell Computers would not be the Fortune 500 global leader in the computer industry that it has become today. With this team effort Dell has built a reputation for quality and innovation globally. Non Sales Business Functions

Sales functions and non sales functions work hand-in-hand. The function of the sales department is to sell the product to bring in revenue. This revenue should cover overhead costs for the entire store as well as pay the income for the employees considered non sales employees. The non sales employees handle all the day-to-day jobs that keep the company running, such as computer product design, management, finance, inventory, human resources, manufacturing, testing, research, and development, to name a few. Without all of the other departments the final product of a Dell Computer would not be available for the salesperson to sell to the consumer. Careful consideration is given to training and procedures to make this happen. Dell continues to revamp its procedures in an ongoing manner to satisfy the needs of the consumer and keep the communication of departments constant. (Innovation Approach Who We Are, 2012). Impacted by Business Functions

Non Sales business functions impact the sales functions of any company. The continuation of testing to improve current products gives sales individuals a better product to sell. The marketing department that devises the brand and the marketing strategy to make the...

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