Do the Media Have a Liberal Bias

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Do the Media Have a Liberal Bias?
Although media journalists claim to be impartial in their reporting, the media have a distinctly liberal bias. The journalists report; however, they taint the story with their own opinions, making it lean one way. A good example of this “selective” reporting is the war in Iraq. This bias reporting is not an accurate portrayal of a moderately sized group of Americans. Liberal reports downplay many conservative social values. On the other hand, some people say that a liberally-biased media are a good scapegoat for complaining conservatives. Others say that because large news stations are corporately owned, conservative viewpoints are scattered throughout media journalism today. However, neither of these efficiently explains why the media seem to lead toward a liberal opinion when feeding the public information.

Contrary to what the journalists of today will affirm, the media are not objective. Journalists allow their liberal viewpoints to infiltrate their reporting and provide the public with tainted information. For example, all the newspaper and television news programs reporting on the war in Iraq focused on American casualties and the fact that “no real evidence of weapons of mass destruction has been found.” In reality, Americans are being killed, but only about 200 have died since the start of the war in April of 2003, which is significantly less than was expected. Also, Americans have found evidence of laboratories which they believe were used for biological and chemical warfare research. Withholding this valuable information gives American citizens the impression that the war is a useless waste of time, money, and American lives. Another issue tainted with liberal viewpoints was the resignation of radio personality Rush Limbaugh from his television spot on ESPN due to an “offensive” comment he made. The media shouted, “Politically incorrect!” and Limbaugh was forced to leave the show. However, his real...
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