Dreams: Meaning of Life

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Dreams are the most amazing things in life, we all love to dream and we all love to hope and to see ourselves getting better and achieving more each day. Dreams are the only reason that makes people like me to be happy and force life’s obstacles. I always try to set my goals and work hard as I can to reach them. I believe with determination. Ever since, I never fear to face the hardships of life, because fear is an ugly word. I always convince myself to never give up and I strive to look forward to what person I would become if I achieve my goals. However, the older I become, the more I thought about hopes. The dictionary states that hope is a wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfilment. Knowing the true meaning of hope gave me an even stronger desire. I was born in a small town in Cebu, where life can be hard, a place that I considered my training ground for facing my obstacles. But in my surroundings I would see faces with attitude of success and I had a strong determination for life. I’m a person whose curiosity had led me to seek become a more educated and knowledgeable person. In 17 years of life, I have finally realized how hard my parents have worked for us. Especially my mom. I come to realize why she pushes me to work hard in school. It was important to her that we did not go through the same childhood she went through, she wanted more for us. Listening to my mom telling me about how she struggled throughout her life because of poverty, it made me realize that I cannot let her down. I have the responsibility to live up to my true potential, not only for her but for myself. Even with all the challenges that my mom is facing, she still manages to raise us and love us. Achieving goals in life and doing the best I can in school are one of the keys things that my parents tells me that are extremely important. My parents have always encouraged me to get the...
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