Topics: Personal life, Meaning of life, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 4 (1467 words) Published: February 11, 2014
A quality leader must hold many attributes to be recognized as a well rounded person. A leader in my eyes is a person I would “follow to a place I wouldn’t go by” myself typically, I would put my trust and full spirit into them, and most of all look up to them.

The first attribute would be to put the main relationships in your life before anything else. For example my mother is an extremely important person in my life therefore I will do everything I can to put her first. Sure, I mess up a lot but I try to recover to the best of my ability. Every once in a while I’ll leave her a sweet note telling her I love her, or I’ll offer to pay to get her nails done. I feel so happy when I do that because when it makes her smile, I smile. It’s not difficult to maintain our relationship which is nice because not a lot of girls can say they’re best friends with their mom. As well as my mom, my two closest friends follow her, Chandler and Marifer. Words cannot describe the relationship I have with them. Every once in a while I will send them a text message explaining why they’re such great friends and how I appreciate them immensely. I will never let them go a day without thinking I appreciate them. It makes me happy; very very happy. They love it when I send them those messages; they tell me it makes them feel great. Friendships vary from easy to difficult but at the end of the day I love them and knowing that, that always helps to move past the hard times.

The second attribute is to understand and know what has meaning in life. I determine what has meaning in my life by deciding what I cannot live without or what will make the world better as a whole. Many things can fall into those categories such as, family, friends, work, school, positive attitudes, and of course giving back. In all of the listed above, I incorporate meaning into them in different ways. With the relationships towards my family and friends I show it by giving and showing love and compassion. People...
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