Effect of Computer on Modern Life

Topics: Server, Internet, Black History Month Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: December 4, 2011
Computers has help out alot, in our daily lives where many of us can't live without one, by useing computers and going on the internet, we can find any information on a person we want, like black history month, why go on the Libary, when you could look up a important a african american in american history, but that not all as you can use the internet to look up current evens from around the world . without being in that country

Also most of use use our computers to look up past events, and then there the other reason on how computers help our lives, by useing computers we can check up on the weather, before we go to work or school. so by checking the weather we already know if it's going to Rain or Snow. or it's could be sunny. then there contracting other family members, where many of us use our computers to text our family to see how there going, when member of you family is so far away living in a difference state or country

Las tbut not least by useing our computers to shop on the internet we can find the product we are looking for. without going inside the retail store to look for it, only to find out it's sold out. so by shoping on the internet it saves some a lot of trouble. from looking for something that is not there

As of right now many of us humans are spoil by the internet,and having a computer to use the internet with,

First of all, with no computer or internet to retreat to, the temporarily computer-deprived person finds hours to rediscover personal interests. The stack of books on the bedside table looks inviting again. He can go to the library and find the books that he is interested in reading. Then, the computer-free person rediscovers hobbies and crafts projects abandoned months ago. He can finally dust off that old armchair that has needed repair for many years. In addition, instead of procrastinating with completing that overdue report, the guilt-ridden person starts making notes by hand._ Moreover, in...
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