Effect of Computer Technology to the Academic Study of the Students

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Chapter I

I. Introduction:

In today’s modern times, computer technology has become a vital part of our life. It helps us to have an easier life. In this competing world, the students should have to learn a lot when it comes to education. Everything cannot be taught by a teacher or in school. To face big challenges in life, students take up extra learning which can be done through computers. These computers can be used for their personal or recreational activities like listening to music, watching movies or videos, chatting, browsing, playing games and etc. We can express our feelings through it.

The work of the students became easier in searching information they want to learn. Technology has been part of our life like language, ritual values, arts and more. It also affects our ways of thinking that can contribute to a more progressive country. The computer technology provides an opportunity for students with the physical, emotional, and mental disabilities to acquire universal access to tools and opportunities for learning.

The students have been benefited from most efficient information flows, less cost and fast communication. Instead of reading books to find information they want, students can search and access information in just a seconds. They can also receive more opinions on topic. The students take time to learn anything they want to. Computers knowledge will be essential to education.

The technology available today has made a wealth of knowledge available to students, which offers great potential for the speed and style of learning. Information is presented in so many ways that any type learner, whether gifted or disabled, can find and use the necessary material. This fact relates not only to the internet, but to all many technological improvements in learning.

II. Background of the study:

Computer has been a significant part of the average student’s education since the early 1980’s. Although computer technology has become much more pervasive since then, people often wonders why we need to learn computer use in school. Some of the student show that those who learn on a computer perform better academically. (Importance at comp. educ. to students)

Up until the mid – 1980’s computer use in education was relatively rare and only reserved for administrative duties or advanced research in universities.

Analysis of computer technology in school showed that those who learned with computers showed above-average results on standardized achievement test. Students often respond positively to computers, which can conform of needs of the students. The study also found that computer streamlines the education process. (1994)

There is no doubt that computer technology has had a great impact on society and also brought many technical developments with it. It has brought many changes to the way we live as individual as well as members of societies and organizations. It has had major effects and changes on the economy, health, education, industry, agriculture, culture and many other fields.

The ability of computers in gathering processing, presenting, and sending large amount of information has had major changes in the way large organizations as well individuals organize their lives. Computers are the work, in school, and hospitals and many other places. We therefore need to have some basic understanding of how they function and the language associated with them.

For people with not enough technical knowledge on computers, the amount of technical knowledge involved in the field of computer technology is overwhelming. It is also a field that’s changes fast enough for people to keep face with.

In the present world 95% of the students have easy access to all kinds of technology. Today’s parents are so naïve that at the age of eight or ten they buy them mobiles phones and computer even when the children barely know how to operate them on...
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