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The Effects of The Television

The television is a two edged sword that has a lot of impact on our daily lives. It has caused some negative impact on human life. Since watching television is so attractive, people read less books or even do not read them at all, wasting time, and the level of communication with other people decrease with more time spent watching television. One impact of the television that it has replaced the importance of book reading in some societies that we live in today. People now prefer to sit lazily in front of the television and take what they need wither it was news, entertainment or education from the television rather than reading a book. This is due to the ease of access to these information and not having to work hard for what they need unlike the case of a book, where people need to find and lookup as well as research the information they need. But thanks to the television they can do that with a click of a button. Another negative impact of the television is the addiction and the time consuming that some people suffer from. For some people the television is a part of them, where they cannot be in their normal state without spending their time in front of the television. They just sit there for hours watching whatever is being given to them by the people behind the screen. In other severe cases the television becomes a true addiction and there are certain rehabilitations to help these people get rid of this bad habit. Last but not least, with all that time being spent watching television the social life of the person becomes smaller and the level of communication between the person and other people become negligible in some cases. The person becomes so attracted to the television that it becomes his/her lifestyle with nothing else they would care about more than the television. This negative impact of the television is the beginning of the addiction where it starts taking the person away from his daily life and make him/her a...
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