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Unit 1 Hardware

Assignment 1.1

Learning Outcomes:

1 Know the common components of computer systems

Computer system: types eg PC, base unit, laptop, netbook, PDA, mobile phone, games consoles, tablet, server, embedded devices (inside phones, domestic appliances, cars)

Hardware components: processor speed and type; memory eg RAM, cache; storage devices, eg hard disk drive, memory stick, CD ROM, flash drive, DVD; input devices eg touch screen, graphics tablet, gaming controller, microphone, mouse, keyboard; output devices eg printer, monitor, sound; computer network connectivity eg 3G, Wireless, Bluetooth, NIC; costs

Software components: system software, applications software, software utilities

Security: risks eg phishing, malware, viruses, spam

Data flow: between components eg input, output, memory, processor; representations eg block diagrams, flow chart, images

2 Know the different uses of computer systems

Components: hardware; software

.User: type’s e.g. home, office

User requirement: business need eg graphics design, company accounts; home use eg internet connectivity, online games; other eg portability, cost, accessibility features

Performance requirements: characteristics of component eg processor speed and type, data transmission speeds, storage capacity, battery life

3 Be able to connect computer hardware

Connections: peripheral devices eg printer, speakers, digital camera, USB devices, scanner, web cam, barcode reader, graphics tablet; appropriate connection eg network card, Bluetooth, USB, Cat5, Wireless

Testing: functionality eg for required use

Health and safety: electrical hazards; manual handling; impact on individuals

Working practices: working procedures; assess and minimise risks eg obtaining resources, recording relevant information; communicating progress and outcomes


You have been sent on work experience to a small local DIY shop called ‘Q&B’ to work primarily in their office. Your duties include working on the small number of computer systems that they have there: the three PCs in the office were bought in 2002 and have Windows XP SR2 and Office 2000 installed. Each PC is connected to its own printer. A wired router provides access to the internet.

The office is reasonably large and there is plenty of space for three computers. The manager would, if possible, like to have one printer instead of three which all the PCs can use. She would also like to consider a wireless solution to cut down on the number of wires trailing around the office.

The PCs will be mainly used for word processing, databases, spreadsheets and internet access.

You have been asked by the manager to advise her on upgrading the computers and software to something a little more up to date. One of the employees is left handed and has a slight visual impairment – you have also been asked for advice on how to make the computer more accessible for him.

Your budget is £2500

Describe purpose of different types of computer systems

What is a computer?

An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program

Give some examples of where you might find computers:

Library, office, airport, supermarket, hotel, bedroom, pocket, aircraft, ps3 and Xbox.

Personal Computer – PC

Price - £300 to £1500

Uses e-mail, spreadsheet, games, surf the internet, watch videos, download, buy or sell.

Input devices: mouse, keyboard, camera, joystick, controller, drawing tablet, microphone, scanner, and bar code scanner.

Output devices: monitor, printer, speaker, headphones,

Storage devices: Cd’s, floppy disk, pen drive, ram, rom, iPod,

Programs (software) you might use: Microsoft office, paint, serif suite, internet...
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