Entrepreneur and Small Scale Industries

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An entrepreneur is one, who plays a significant role in the economic development of a country. The term “entrepreneur” is derived from the French word 'entrepreneurs'. In earliest 16th century it was applied to those who were engaged in military expeditions. In 17th century the word entrepreneur was used for civil engineering activities such as construction and fortification. It was applied to business for the first time in 18th century, to designate a dealer who buys and sells goods at uncertain prices. In India, entrepreneurship is still to develop because of economic condition and now the governments, to develop entrepreneurship are buying certain improvement. If a country has to develop, its youth should be motivated to venture out and use the talent to start new ventures and to take risk.


1) Peter F. Drucker defines entrepreneur as “one who always searched for change, respond to it and exploit it as an opportunity. Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurship. The means by which it exploit changes as an opportunity for a different business or services”

2) Adam Smith defines “an entrepreneur” is a person who only provides capital without taking active part in the leading role in. entrepreneurship”. 3) F. H Knight defines “entrepreneurship is a person who bears risk and uncertainty”.


The main problems, that hinder the entrepreneurship, are lack of inborn qualities of adventurism, willingness to face risk, innovative urge and creativity. So in order to remove this problem the Granite as well as the economic structure should be made elastic to meet the demands of the people who are venturing in to the field of business. So it is needed to have a study of entrepreneurship. Thus the problem is stated as "A Study on entrepreneurship Development"


❑ To study about entrepreneurial development with reference to entrepreneurial activities. ❑ To analyses the entrepreneurial qualities.
❑ To suggest remedial measures to improve the entrepreneurial development ❑ To suggest new and improved ways to solve the problems that hinders entrepreneurial development. ❑ To assess the entrepreneurial effectiveness of the enterprise in term s of profitability.


The scope of the study covered each and every aspect of entrepreneurship including the entrepreneur, his development and the impact of globalization and liberalization. The study is related to the development and the impact of globalization and liberalization on the basis of entrepreneurship.

Globalization of business is gaining attention as a strategy for survival, competition and growth. The limitation of natural markets, the diversity and unawareness of resources endowments of different nations, complexity of. Technological revolution in communication and other fields etc mandate globalization. The political transformation in the Eastern Europe and USSR, and the economic reforms allover the world has given an added impetus to globalization.


This study covers a period of five years from the financial year 2004 to 2009.


The main sources of data are of two types:
a) Primary data
b) Secondary data

Primary data are collected from the official at the respective respondent through direct interview. Secondary data is collected mainly through journals, government publication and reference books.


Entrepreneurship is very evincive and it is very complex in every aspect. Various scholars and eminent people have talked about this topic and various conclusions have been reached. The meaning entrepreneurship is to undertake a business venture. Knowing the importance of entrepreneurship growing day by day. The study is mainly undertaken to find out the each and every aspect of entrepreneurship and find out new and better ways...

Bibliography: 4. Desai; VASANTH, 2000 Dynamic of Entrepreneurship Development and Management. Bombay: Himalaya Publishing
Anmol Publication, 1987.
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