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Gently shut your eyes and imagine of a world with no directions, core values, ESLR’s, or goals. Where the skies where the limits but you didn’t have a guide to reach it. They are unspoken rules and regulations, terms and conditions by which you have agreed to and ultimately live by. But what if you didn’t have this? You through the manual out the window, then you would be found in a world of confusion. In this essay I will summarize what ESLR’s or core values means to me as well as what it taught. From three different categories of ESLR’s from how I practice it and take advantage of it in my daily life to some ESLR’s I have difficulties presenting. Core values and ESLR’s are important concepts that most successful people should embrace. Treating each other with dignity and respect, encouraging diversity, and valuing teamwork and cooperation. A dedication to safety is also frequently among core values, as is a commitment to excellence, quality, integrity and service. I’m surrounded by ESLR’s in my daily life, yet I convey only some. I come forth as a person to people being a typical girl who is trying to expand her social life and educational as well. So I think in the categories I would slide in the slots of balance in life, respect for all, and academic excellence. Heading to school I always try to lend a hand to someone in need, hoping to brighten their mood and turn their frown upside down. I always would be willing to let someone sit next to me and share some of my snacks. As I hope they would appreciate it, think generous, and be open minded around me. Or just not interrupting the teacher as they share a piece of there wisdom to us. Demonstrating this helps me in my academic results and social life since I can expose myself to more people and appeal to them as a better, trustworthy person. Learning rapidly to catch up with the others, I make some spare time to smell nature’s fresh breeze or to let my mind enter a serious game mode...
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