Essay About Ram

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RAM Essay
Discuss the issue of Random Access Memory using the presentation material from class and the textbook. You may supplement this with material from web sites but be sure to include the URL of any web sites referenced (always cite to avoid plagiarism) and use only sites that are reputable and verifiable. Please avoid Wikipedia. Issues you want to consider discussing include:

The magic of RAM (especially in the Windows environment).

What is Cache RAM and what do the different types do.
Limits of use, why and what are the maximum amounts.
Why do smart phones, tablets and Inet access devices need so little. •How and why did the PC industry become so vulnerable to its limitations. Random Access Memory consists of memory chips, when you turn on your computer certain files load into the RAM from the storage device such as a HDD. These remain on file as long as the Ram has continuous power with additional program are requested, they also load into the RAM from storage. Most RAM is Volatile which means it loses its contents when the power is removed from the computer. For this reason you need to Save as you go. There are 3 type of RAM chips Dynamic, Static, and Magnetoresitive. These chips usually reside on a memory module the 3 types of memory modules are SIMMs DIMMs and RIMMs. The limits of uses vary depending on the size of the RAM:

2GB or less are for home and business like watching movies learning on educational software. 2GB-8GB are used for more advance multimedia i.e. voice recognition working with video or audio 8GB and up these are for creating professional websites running CAD or and 3-d design program. Why does the PC Industry become so vulnerable to its limitations quite simply put is because of the cost of the pc you can have a uber computer with a static ram that is faster then any thing the pc world has but it costs 3000.00 usd or the pc com can uses an 8gb standard RAM with an ability to add on for just 600.00$ simply put the...
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